What is an interesting episode of domestic travel .

What is an interesting episode of domestic travel ... It is a family traveling domestically really goes to the year many times but the child does not make it quiet on the bullet train ... And on top of that, my older sister , I get drunk on the Shinkansen ... So I searched for something to play on the Shinkansen, so I thought about origami or fun, I took origami, then I was playing happily at first After all ... After the late drunk, if you are making noisy with the bullet train, the people around you will see flickering, but the station staff are ignoring ・ ・ ・ But, I thought that it was noisy if I made it noisy then, when I took a child, I cried ... and then, ignoring the past, the stationer was sleeping, someone who is sleeping So quiet and I was told please me to this was pretty it was interesting ... I speak of is I think I huh's good. It is useless to cry, but talking seems okay with loud voices. But, I still care about the surrounding eyes